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Where ideas come to life... Reid Industrial Graphic Products.
A leading manufacturer and ideal choice for sourcing customised Printed Electronic Products.

Multiple Award winner for Graphic Overlays, Membrane Switches, Capacitive Sensors, Printed Antennae, Thermistors, Proximity Sensors, Backlighting Technologies, Touchscreen Protectors, Waterproof Keyboards.

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We blend global reach with local perspective. We believe our greatest contribution to your project is the products & solutions we provide, which offer you peace of mind and help when needed most.


Innovation differentiates us. It ensures our people have the best platform to succeed. It also helps us better service our customers and achieve better results.

Screen Printing
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Durable Screen Printing

Why Screen Print ?

If products that are resistant to weather, UV light, fading, chemicals, and abrasions are a must for your business, look no further than Reid Industrial’s Durable Screen Printed products. Selective & zoned adhesives, custom textures, and optically clear materials are features that are readily available to enhance your products.

With over 25 years of experience, we are able to offer our customers expanded capabilities to fulfill a wide variety of applications. Our membrane switches, overlay panels, capacitive switches and labels are permanent components on many of today’s high visibility products.

For years, Reid Industrial has been offering our customers extensive screen printing capabilities of membrane keypads and graphic overlays. Our goal is to give you the tools and capabilities to create and manufacture your entire part here, which saves you time and money. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Digital Printing
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Industrial Digital Printing

Digital Technologies

Reid Industrial Graphic Products is recognised as an industry-leading printed electronics company utilising the latest digital printing technologies. The technologies we utilise allow us to offer our customers high quality, short to medium run products including labels, decals, and membrane switch overlays with quick turnaround times. Cost savings are achieved by eliminating films, screens, and traditional material waste.

Our digital printing technologies allow us to produce parts with variable data, this includes custom numbering, bar codes, security features, and even fully variable images. These systems can be integrated with our digital finishing technologies, thus eliminating the need for tooling.

Digital Technologies

Our graphic and engineering design personnel work with clients to determine the best product design with the latest state-of-the-art technology. We provide complete converting and finishing options, and our processes adhere to ISO AS/NZ 9001:2015.

Reid Industrial provides RoHS, Certificate of Compliance and Material Traceability Certificates for our Aerospace and Defence industries customers, just ask our sales technicians if you require these documents with your next order .

Digital Colour
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Digital Colour

The Importance of Colour Profiling

Every product produced at Reid Industrial goes through rigorous review. We test for conformance to specific performance requirements identified at the design stage. Colour is always critical for products that represent your company in the market. Reliable electronic circuitry with repeatable resistance is important for switch performance. Every circuit on every Reid switch receives a verification for circuit integrity. Each LED is tested independently. Your product needs Reid Industrial Technology!

Colour Matching

Reid Industrial have a full in-house colour-matching and ink-mixing department, offering total control from colour approval to dispatch. Utilising a computerised colour matching system we are able to offer total colour consistency from order to order.

Our accurate and calibrated system not only ensures perfect colour matching but also calculates the exact amount of ink required for each print run. This in turn eliminates waste and ultimately guarantees our customer’s products are being manufactured as ‘lean’ as possible.

We have the capabilities to match to any colour system (Pantone, RAL, BS, Munsell etc…), or a corporate hybrid. We can also offer phosphorescent or metallic blends. All colours are checked in a D65 light box before being released to production.

All of our Ink Technicians have been trained to industry-leading standards by the ink manufacturers. This in-depth training has given our technicians an understanding of inks on a molecular level, leading to a thorough knowledge of ink behaviour and colour control.

Whether you require graphic overlays, labels or membrane switches, we can guarantee perfect colour consistency every time.

Custom Enhancements
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Custom Enhancements

Adding our Finishing Touch to Your Product

With our team of professionals checking the progress and quality requirements at every step in the manufacturing process, you can be assured that your project is in good hands at Reid Industrial. Our in house Production Management System is under constant review to ensure that we always exceed our customers expectations. Did you know that our manufacturing system allows us to have full trace ability of our raw materials?

Enhancing your Product's Capabilities

With our varied knowledge of plastic films, specialty pressure sensitive materials and adhesives; Reid Industrial has the ability to combine multiple custom converting techniques to enhance your unique constructions.

Our diverse capabilities include precision laser cutting, adhesive lamination, and custom precision die cutting. We also specialise in, hydro form embossing, liquid lensing and robotic pick and placing of smd components. By bringing these processes together, we are able to produce highly specified interface products for the electronics industry.

Rapid Prototypes
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Rapid Prototyping & Short Runs

High Quality Rapid Prototypes

Product development cycles sometimes require the need for rapid prototyping or small production runs. Often this need is driven by milestones such as a proof-of-concept, the need to provide a product demo to your client or you simply have a requirement for small quantities of high quality graphic panels or labels.

Reid Industrial Graphic Products has made significant investments in equipment to achieve a completely digital production process. A State-of-the-art wide format digital printing press, high-speed laser cutting machines in conjunction with thermal embossing equipment have enabled Reid Industrial to dramatically reduce setup times, avoid expensive tooling costs, and shorten delivery times. Whilst we always place the highest priority on quality and utilise our full range of MacDermid Autotype and 3M product ranges, shorter than normal lead time is the over-riding factor in our prototyping and small production run services.

Variable Data

By utilising a digital workflow allows for seamless output of variable data, whether that is consecutive numbering or barcodes that are first or second surface printed.

Membrane Switch Prototype

Membrane Switches can also be produced as a prototype, which in essence is a small production run. The overlay layer however, can be either digitally printed or a traditional screen print, which can be embossed and have tactile metal domes. The circuit layers are fully-functional and screen printed using the same processes and standards as our production runs. These small quantities can also utilise our backlighting technologies, including EL and LED.


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Reid Industrial News & Resources

We are often asked about our point of difference, the difference that makes Reid Industrial stand out from the other suppliers to the printed electronics markets; the short answer is that from its inception Reid Industrial Graphic Products has always been a specialist manufacturer of interface products, somewhat of a trail blazer for new products and technologies.

Our point of difference

Reid News
One of the pleasures of being a specialist manufacturer is having the opportunity to be involved in new projects from their inception through to becoming fully functioning devices.

Our R&D Program

Reid News

Why buying local is better

Reid News
We have conversations quite regularly with people about local versus offshore suppliers and sadly, we often hear the horror stories during these conversations.
We are very excited to share with you that our technology has made its way over to Belgium. The product pictured is an electric vehicle charging station, one of 25 positioned along Belgium’s motorway system, linking the country’s major cities. These stations can charge two vehicles at the same time and drivers can expect to charge 80 per cent of their battery in just 30 minutes.

For this product, we have supplied a membrane switch and acrylic backing panel as the interface. It’s incredibly important to us that we can meet the high standards required of us by our customers. We are pleased that we can illustrate how we provide solutions for world-class technology with particularly robust specifications including the ability to withstand harsh conditions.

It's snow problem at all !!

Reid News


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Our principal activity is the design and manufacture of industrial graphic products and flexible printed electronics for the electronics industry. We use the latest technologies and innovation.


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